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Vossloh España has closed another deal of the successful EURO4000 locomotive

Vossloh España has closed another international deal to supply six EURO4000 locomotives to Beacon Rail Leasing Limited (BRLL) to be leased to VFLI for freight services in France, and Belgium. The first units will be delivered starting in January 2013.

This new order, that adds up to the other 77 vehicles of this type supplied to Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Sweden and Norway, confirms the success of the EURO4000, designed and assembled in the Vossloh España plant in Albuixech (Valencia).

The EURO4000 is the most powerful diesel-electric locomotive manufactured in Europe. It is a highly innovative product that stands out due to its versatility, features, performance, technology and environmental compliance.

Equipped with an EMD (Electro-Motive Diesel) engine, considered to be one of the best engines for locomotives in the world, the EURO4000 can pull longer and heavier freight trains at a faster speed than its competitors, which substantially increases the operator's competitiveness and efficiency.

Beacon Rail Leasing Limited is a UK based company that leases rolling stock to its clients in the UK and European freight markets. The operator VFLI (Voies Ferrées Locales et Industrielles), founded in 1998, belongs to the group SNCF-Geodis and is the third company by turnover in the French railway sector. VFLI offers a wide range of integrated rail freight services in France and Belgium.

This contract is worth roughly € 21 million.

Albuixech (Valencia), 12 January 2012

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